Catholic Church to offer faith formation classes


By Augusta Happ

Pope John Paul II Catholic Church

Are you searching for the meaning of life?

Do you have true happiness in your life?

Do you want your family to know God and his love?

Do you want to return to your faith?

What is the point of it all? Is there a point of it at all?

Are you overlooking the answers to every question of the human heart? 

Maybe you think religion is not doing anything for you or religion has been presented to you in a way that just turns you off.

Jesus’ first words to humanity in the gospel of John were kind of striking. He turned to two people who were following him and asked, “What do you seek?” He knew the answer: “I want happiness.”

Everywhere you look, people are throwing answers to you. Answers to those fundamental questions to your longing heart. There are self-help programs out there everywhere. This journey is not self-help. One of the things self-help programs tell you is how to be happy, but not why. 

RCIA, Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, is going to address those fundamental answers to those fundamental questions about the meaning of life, why you should be hopeful, where are you going to find the love you were made for, and more. 

Immaculate Heart of Mary/John Paul II (JPII) Catholic Church wants to welcome those returning and their families to the Catholic faith. Immaculate Heart of Mary/JPII has faith formation classes for the entire family. 

RCIA is a religious program for adults who have not completed their sacraments, those wanting to become Catholic and/or individuals who wish to further understand and strengthen their Catholic faith. The RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children) program is for children ages 7-16 who have not yet been baptized. Also, religious education (RE) classes are for those children who are on the spiritual journey completing the holy sacraments. These classes are offered to students pre-K through high school.

Please join us for RCIA classes Monday evenings (masks are required) beginning Sept. 21 at 6 p.m. in the JPII Catholic Church meeting rooms to begin the journey to understanding what we all seek. 

Enroll your children for Sacramental and RE classes, to be held on Sundays after 10:30 a.m. Mass starting Oct. 4 in the JPII meeting rooms. Please wear a mask. Classes are offered in a safe, socially distanced environment or optional take-home lessons for one-on-one family instruction. The importance of religious education classes is not just sacrament achievements, but life lessons to live morally and responsibly, and awareness of God’s eternal love.

For more information on all Immaculate Heart of Mary/JPII faith formation classes, please contact August Happ at the parish office at 731-5744. We are looking forward to “welcoming you home.”