Calling all United States Marines


By Rick Taylor

Special to The PREVIEW

In a tiny place named the Tun Tavern on Nov. 10, 1775, the United States Marine Corps was established. Since then, our storied history has taken us into battle from the shores, jungles and deserts of far away lands, wherever there was a conflict and we were needed.

Known as “First to fight,” young men and women from all walks of life — Marines — have done our best to ensure the safety and freedom of our great country.

Though we are pretty good at defending Old Glory’s reputation, the Marine Corps is pretty good at throwing a party as well. Since the establishment of the Marine Corps, Marines from all over the world have taken time to celebrate the birth of our beloved corps on or around Nov. 10 every year.

This year, our local birthday celebration is to be on Nov. 8 at 1800 hours (6 p.m.) at Ramon’s Restaurant, upstairs. You may order off the menu and, of course, Ramon’s will have the required amount of alcohol so you may toast our birthday if you desire.

We are trying to put numbers together so Ramon’s can be prepared, so please RSVP to Rick Taylor at 264-6780, Don MacNamee at 731-0306 or Ed Robinson at 731-0718.

This party is open to all service members and we hope to see you there.