Broadband update: Phase II fiber build includes gigabit service


Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation and Visionary Broadband

The Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation (PSCDC), the Town of Pagosa Springs, Archuleta County and Visionary Broadband are excited to announce the completion of the Phase II fiber build in downtown Pagosa Springs. 

The newest phase serves a mixture of both business and residential with expanded offerings and provides gigabit service.

“Business today cannot operate without high-speed and reliable Internet, and we are extremely happy to see this level of speed and service,” said PSCDC Executive Director Emily Lashbrooke, noting that the increased fiber can be an economic driver. 

Stacie McDonald, Visionary Broadband vice president of public relations, shared, “Developing ongoing connectivity solutions throughout Pagosa Springs and Archuleta County is vital to the community. We are thrilled to see our continued partnerships here culminate to serve residents and businesses in Phase II.”

This expansion was achieved in part through the leased utilization of the community’s SCAN Network fiber. 

County Broadband Manager Eric Hittle added, “We’re very pleased with Visionary’s investment into our community and to now have our first residential ‘Fiber to the Home’ area fully functional, built off the public fiber infrastructure. We look forward to many more partnership projects to try and reach as many Archuleta County residences as possible.”

Citizens in the recently lit area can be serviced through overhead aerial drops, which makes installation possible with minimal disruption year-round -— a benefit as winter approaches. 

An additional benefit cited in 2015 by the FTTH Council showed that availability of fiber to a property can increase values by up to 3.1 percent, similar in value to adding a half bathroom, according to Computerworld.