Born to pull


By Michael J. Marx | PREVIEW Columnist

My name is Nugget and I’m a sled dog. I’m the self-appointed newspaper columnist of the team. We are a dogsled team.

The musher shouts, “Ready, let’s go.” 

The mountain hills unfold before us. The sun sparkles in the crisp, cold Colorado air.

“Gee.” We turn toward the right. “Haw.” We take the trail to the left.

We are running. We are pulling. Our blood pulses with song and energy. We can do this all day — like 100 miles per day. We are a dogsled team.

Smart ones in the front. Not so smart ones in the back. I run in the middle of the pack. We each have our jobs. The first two dogs run lead and obey our musher’s commands. The next two are called swing dogs and reinforce the direction. Then come the team dogs. We keep the gang line tight. Just in front of the sled are the wheel dogs. They don’t have to think. They just pull. We all have jobs. We all have skills. We all live to pull.

Paws to consider: What are you made for?

Are you made:

• To pull?

• To explore?

• To love?

• To lead?

What are you born to do?

About Nugget: Nugget is a white furred Alaskan husky with one bent ear. She loves to pull with her sister, Poke. They were named after a gold-digger theme. She has run in the Alaskan interior, the Herbert Glacier and now the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

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