Biz Beat- Sky View Motel

Biz-Sky-ViewWhen Sky View Motel’s doors closed in December 2012, after nearly five decades of operation, it was no secret it had seen better days. Pagosa businessman and funeral home owner Matthew Boyle had other ideas for the neighboring property. He purchased the motel and began the long road of remodel and rehab. Miraculously, the motel reopened in February 2013 and has since continued to undergo major improvements. Boasting incredible views, unique decor and too many upgrades to mention, the slogan at Sky View Motel is now, “Resort Feel, Motel Prices.” Boyle says there is rarely a guest that comes through that he and his staff don’t get a chance to share a great story with. With unmatched hospitality, Sky View Motel looks to have an amazing summer, with even more upgrades and surprises that are sure to validate Boyle’s and his dedicated staff’s hard work. Pictured above, left to right: Adam Fowler and Matthew Boyle.