Barbara Lee Ackman


Barbara Lee Ackman, age 76, after a long struggle with rheumatoid arthritis, passed away on June 5 at her home in San Antonio Texas. Barbara grew up in Oakdale, Pa., just outside of Pittsburgh and kept fond memories of Pittsburgh during her life in California, Pagosa Springs, Colo., and San Antonio Texas. She had three boys, Mike, Tim and Mark Fasenmyer. She was the loving grandmother of Nichole, Mechelle, Alex and Nicholas Fasenmyer, whom she was instrumental in raising; the great-grandmother to Lynden, Mariano and Barry and the loving family of Diane, Emily and Katie. She will be missed by all the people she touched and remembered for her passion for sweets, strength of character and unyielding tenacity to live her life the way she chose to. Barbara will be celebrated by her family in a private gathering on Aug. 1 in Camden, Texas.