Aspire announces playgroup, parenting class


By Marcy Mitchell | Aspire

While it is true that many mothers and fathers experience profound levels of love, connectivity and joy when they have a new baby, another emotion that accompanies parenting often appears to go unmentioned: loneliness. Especially during the winter months, many young moms and dads feel isolated in Pagosa Springs. To combat that, Aspire is kicking off two free programs in January 2022: Our Coffee and Kiddos Playgroup, and Positive Parenting Class.

The Coffee and Kiddos Playgroup started on Jan. 10 at 10 a.m. at Aspire, 602 S. 8th St. Connect with other parents of babies and toddlers, learn a few tips, enjoy fun activities, and let your babies and toddlers explore and socialize with others. Light snacks will be served. Call Nicole at (970) 264-5963 for details.

Our first Positive Parenting Class of 2022 will start on Jan. 18 at 6 p.m. Aspire’s Positive Parenting Program helps parents of babies and toddlers become more sensitive to children’s individual needs and addresses the typical challenges that arise in early childhood with empathy and respect. The class is free and also provides child care and snacks during the evening class. In addition, participants receive a $20 gift card to City Market during each class. 

In 2021, 38 parents participated in our class and raved about its impact on their parenting, knowledge and confidence as parents. Many also loved connecting with other parents of babies and toddlers.

Taught by Aspire Education Coordinator Toni Haines, the Positive Parenting program covers topics such as understanding your child’s temperament, social/emotional development, emotional regulation skills, ways to engage your child through play and handling challenging behaviors. 

Haines expressed, “Since taking the class, our parents are calmer, more confident and empowered in their crucial roles of childrearing. They have gained an invaluable understanding of how their individual child’s developmental age/stage, temperament and experiences in the world affect their everyday behaviors and how they, as parents, can respond effectively.” 

In fact, Psychology Today ( links positive parenting to “higher school grades, fewer behavior problems, less substance use, better mental health, greater social competence and more positive self-concepts.” 

Class size is limited to 12, so call (970) 264-5963 if you are interested in attending. 

Aspire also offers digital prenatal and parenting education to parents of babies and toddlers that can be sent via text or email as well as taken one on one with a mentor. Clients taking classes earn boutique bucks that can be used to shop and purchase diapers, wipes, baby supplies, maternity clothes and baby equipment. 

In addition, Aspire provides affordable prenatal care programs. Aspire’s prenatal provider, Dr. Carole Nasralla, has more than 20 years of experience providing prenatal care in the community. 

Visit for more information on our prenatal care and parenting programs.