A lesson in forgiveness

Today, two families mourn for the loss of loved ones in recent tragedies.

The community mourns along with them.

The senseless murder of father, grandfather, friend, Pagosa Springs community member and businessman Larry Fisher has left so many asking, “Why?”

So many of us have searched for answers in this tragedy.

With Michael Moats, a son, a brother, a grandson, a friend, a Pagosa Springs community member and the perpetrator named by the Pagosa Springs Police Department in the murder of Larry Fisher, having taken his own life, we may never know the answers to all of our questions.

What we do know, due to the dedication and hard work of the Pagosa Springs Police Department, Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office and Colorado Bureau of Investigations, is that based on case facts and evidence, investigators believe Michael was the sole perpetrator of the crime. No other suspects are being sought.

What we do know is that this community has experienced tremendous loss of two people who were loved by many.

We do know that the hearts of two families are forever broken. The grief of such a loss is imaginable only to those who have lived it.

It is our hope that both families can find peace and understanding.

The list of people affected by this tragedy is long.

It is our hope that the community who mourns along with the families of those we’ve lost can also find peace and understanding.

In visiting with SUN staff on Tuesday, Larry’s daughter, Brittany Bedtke, shared the following message: “Casey, Tracy, Bruno, myself and our spouses all share forgiveness for Michael.” She also expressed her family’s profound grief for Michael’s family and their tremendous loss.

Larry’s son, Casey Fisher, shared his thoughts on Tuesday night: “Sitting here tonight holding my daughter, thinking of life with and without my dad, my heart goes out to the Moats family. As we received closure to a point, they may never have closure.

“I pray God grants them peace, and serenity to deal with extremely horrible and difficult times. I also pray we as a community can surround them with love and support which has always made Pagosa the best place to grow up and an awesome community.

“We as a family would ask for prayers for all families and friends involved to find peace in the coming days, months, and years.”

We believe that we can learn a lot from Larry’s family members who have demonstrated tremendous grace and compassion in this time of unfathomable grief.

Terri Lynn Oldham House