9Health Fair set for April 27


By Constance d’Angelis

Special to The PREVIEW

Evidence shows that you can lower your life insurance costs by providing information as to your good health.

A local business owner and volunteer for the Pagosa Springs 9Health Fair was successful in obtaining life insurance and dropping her insurance premiums by 60 percent. Here’s how she did it.

Last year, she had the battery of tests offered at our 9Health Fair. The cost of the blood work (only $35) was much lower than through her health care provider. The results turned out to be excellent. As a parent with a family, she carries term life insurance at a million dollars of coverage. She decided to look for better prices. She submitted her health fair test results with her annual physical. She is now paying a monthly premium that is 39 percent of what she was formerly paying for the same coverage.

For this hard working, successful, local community and family-oriented entrepreneur, this was a boon to her efforts.

Blood tests and screenings are not just for identification of potential health problems. You can use the information for many other benefits, including your peace of mind.

In addition to the blood test panel, there will be free screenings, educational programs and a chance to meet health professionals from 7 to 11 a.m. on April 27 at Pagosa Springs High School.

Have special health and wellness skills? Could you offer education or information? Have a working brain and good attitude? Have any questions? Contact Sharee Grazda at 731-0317 or email sgrazda@gmail.com. Visit 9HealthFair.org. You can reach Constance at 7LawsofHealth@gmail.com.