9Health Fair just around the corner


By Caroline Brown

Special to The SUN

We’ve set our clocks forward, and that means the opportunity for a comprehensive check of your health in a convenient setting is just around the corner.

Pagosa Springs’ health fair is scheduled for Saturday, April 6, from 7 a.m. to noon at the Pagosa Springs High School.

This popular annual event offers free health screenings, interactive educational centers and low-cost blood screenings to anyone 18 or older.

This year, the Pagosa Springs 9Health Fair was chosen to participate in a pilot program for gluten sensitivity, which is a lifelong digestive disorder. Gluten is a protein that comes from grains such as flours, bread products, and pasta to name a few examples. Gluten sensitivity can lead to other health issues, such as anemia, osteoporosis, depression and infertility. A few symptoms of gluten sensitivity are gas and bloating, stomach cramping, diarrhea, weight loss, tiredness and joint pain. Certain people may not experience any symptoms. You must have gluten present in your diet for up to four to six weeks prior to being tested. This $45 blood test will help you and your doctor determine if you need to make dietary changes in your lifestyle.

Be sure and fast 12 hours prior to any of the blood screenings and drink lots of water.

Read future issues of The SUN for more information regarding other blood screenings and services provided at the 9Health Fair, or call the site coordinator Caroline Brown at 731-4248.