Venturing crew forming at St. Patrick’s


Special to The PREVIEW

A new Venturing Crew is forming at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church. Venturing is an exciting program for young men and women ages 14 to 21. The program is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America.

According to local organizers, Venturing provides participants the opportunity to do activities they may have never done before. Scuba diving, kayaking, zip lining, community service, archery, climbing and rappelling are just a handful of the Venturing activities.

“Venturing provides young people with positive experiences to help them mature and develop into responsible and caring adults,” organizer John Moore said.

The first goal of a Venturing program is to give participants an opportunity to pursue their interests in a way that might not be available in a traditional educational setting.

“We’re talking about hands-on experiences with people who work in a particular field or have knowledge of it,” John explained. “For example, Venturing recognizes the difference between reading about rock climbing and going rock climbing.”

The second goal is to lead a life in Venturing that fosters personal and social growth.

“That’s why a Venturing crew organizes a program of activities around citizenship, leadership, service, social activities, fitness and the outdoors,” John said. “This kind of program helps us to experience more balance in our lives; to take responsibility for others and our community; and to be mentally, emotionally and physically fit.”

The third goal is to learn about leadership from adults who set the example. Members will learn about leadership by experiencing outstanding adult leadership and by practicing leadership.

“With other Venturers you will run your own crew and exercise your own understanding of leadership,” John said.

The fourth goal is to create an environment that encourages personal growth, in other Venturers, and in advisers. This is achieved in a place that is safe, fun and challenging. Venturing provides opportunities for new experiences and new ideas.

The new Venturing Crew will be having an informational meeting Wednesday, April 23, at 7 p.m. at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, 225 South Pagosa Blvd. For more information, contact John at 264-0054 or