UUs continue as a virtual community


Pauline Benetti

Pagosa Unitarian

Universalist Fellowship

Pagosa Unitarian Universalist (UU) Fellowship has become quite adept at providing virtual continuity for members and friends in a variety of ways during this two-month hiatus since our last actual gathering. Continuity comes through abbreviated services, coffee talks and small group meetings of both a spiritual and social action nature, all in virtual community. 

What are thoughts about the future? We are in agreement that the large group must continue in a virtual mode for the present and we will reevaluate as appropriate; however, among the small groups there is some thought of actually gathering, observing, of course, the necessary precautions. The outcome of those discussions will depend heavily upon what happens in our community regarding COVID-19.

How do we act in the present? We follow the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with regard to prevention tactics, each one of us accepting our responsibility for the community at large. We follow Colorado Safer At Home guidance when we go out. We wear face coverings in public, knowing that it is more for the protection of and respect for others and we try to maintain that distance that will protect us all.

What are our concerns? Until the killing of George Floyd, we were almost exclusively involved with the pandemic and the injustices it revealed in stark numbers. With that death, we UUs, like everyone else, were brutally reminded of the systemic injustice rampant in our nation. The Unitarian Universalist Association, our national organization, has called us to find our voice and take action, “As people of faith, we must bear witness to this moment. That means that we must name hard truths, but that we also must act.” 

Our fellowship is working through our Social Action Committee to find ways that we can “do something” relevant here in our small mountain community. Currently under study is an article, “75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice.” We have also found a video of Trevor Noah on George Floyd useful in helping us understand the killing and the protests from a non-white point of view. Both can be found with a simple Internet search.

The Pagosa UU Fellowship is alive and active. Should you want to connect up, call 731-7900.