Update provided on Nutrition Security and Healthy Equity Assessment effort


By Rose Chavez | Food System/Food Equity Coalition

This past Monday, I joined the weekly meeting of the Healthy Archuleta Community Learning and Leadership Circle (CLLC), which is a group of diverse community members who are committed to co-leading the ongoing Archuleta County Nutrition Security and Health Equity Assessment. 

The process began in December 2021 and will run for the next three years. Over the past weeks and going forward, CLLC members have been and will be engaging in intensive capacity building by learning through module presentations facilitated by Healthy Archuleta and partner organizations about the concepts of nutrition security and health equity and what that means in terms of the services and resources available in Archuleta County. The CLLC members identify questions as a result of their participation in these presentations that will then be included and will help guide the assessment. 

Monday’s activities included a brief presentation by Angela Reali-Crossland from Pagosa Peak Open School about the school and community health-based efforts followed by small group activities and discussion that generated lots of additional learning and questions. 

The types of questions that the CLLC is grappling with include understanding what additional types of information is needed to understand how primary health care access and utilization can be improved and how a robust system can be created and reinforced in Archuleta County. 

Do you have a question about primary health care access and utilization that you want to be included in the assessment? For additional information and to submit your questions, please contact us at fsfearchuleta@gmail.com or call (401) 371-3227. To donate to support the work of Healthy Archuleta, doing business as FSFE-Food Coalition, please visit our website: https://www.foodcoalition4archuleta.org/donate.html.