Stay-at-Home Push-Up Challenge a success

2020/06/push-up-picture-300x140.gif Photo courtesy Rise Above Violence
After Rise Above Violence had to cancel is annual Push-Up Challenge due to COVID-19, Paula Miller stepped up to create the Stay-At-Home Push-up Challenge, raising $6,775 for Rise.

By Ashley Wilson

Rise Above Violence 

I would imagine that right now many nonprofits are struggling to navigate the changes in our community due to COVID-19, with many losing fundraising opportunities because group sizes are limited and local businesses and individuals are being impacted financially. 

It is during these times that creative efforts are needed and organizations are trying to find the balance of asking for contributions without taxing our community further. It is not an easy balance to find. Rise Above Violence is fortunate to have creative supporters who take the initiative to innovate for us.

April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month and is typically when Rise hosts the Push-up Challenge as one of the main fundraisers for the year. Unfortunately, we had to cancel this event. 

Paula Miller is one of our amazing supporters who comes out for the Push-Up Challenge, the Pagosa Duathlon, and has created amazing art for each and every of our Art Above Violence events. 

So this year when the Push-Up Challenge was canceled, Miller decided to do something different to support Rise. She started a Stay-At-Home Push-up Challenge, where she decided to do 50 push-ups every day in May, post those videos online and ask people to support her personal challenge. She brought in humor, education and consistency that pulled our community in to this challenge. She did push-ups in all kind of locations including at the salon, out camping and out on her trail rides. Her effort reached many people on social media and raised $6,775 for Rise. 

Rise wants to express our deepest gratitude to Miller for sharing her challenge every day in May. We want to thank those who donated. Part of this incredible challenge was a match that came in the last few days; the match was $1,500 if we could reach the $5,000 goal. This encouraged more people to give and several people to give again. Rise is so fortunate to have a community that supports us, both financially and those who volunteer their time, share our message and come out to our events. We want out community to hear our message of gratitude for the outpouring of support. 

And, Paula Miller, you are a push-up warrior. Thank you for all you do for us and being so creative in this challenge.