Public urged to take down bird feeders, remove water sources


By Keith Bruno | Audubon Rockies

Please remove any bird feeders and water sources for birds until the spread of avian influenza is better contained and understood. 

Historically thought to only infect domestic poultry and wild waterfowl species, the avian flu has spread into black-billed magpies (a visitor to backyard feeders) and other passerine bird species in the Rocky Mountain region. 

Audubon Rockies is recommending that people in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah take down their feeders and birdbaths. 

Removing feeders is very unlikely to harm wild birds, which can survive on natural food sources, but it may help save them. If you find three or more dead birds near your home, please report them to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. 

For more information, visit the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s website: