Navajo River fire grows to 380 acres, 20 percent containment


The Navajo River Fire, located in the northwest corner of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation, was estimated at 380 acres with 20 percent containment as of 2 p.m. today.

The fire is moving in a northeasterly direction and is currently three quarters of a mile south of the Colorado state line and Archuleta County. The southern border of the fire is approximately 4 miles from Dulce, N.M. No structures are threatened at this time.

There are 130 firefighters managing fire with additional resources being committed to the effort with the fire advancing to a Type-3 fire.

Those wishing to assist in the efforts could take bottled water from, Gatorade, candy bars, trail mix, fruit and other items that are easy to carry in backpacks and deliver them to BIA Forestry Fire Management Office in Dulce, N.M.

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