Mountain Chile Cha Cha


Photos courtesy Mountain Chile Cha Cha

Scene ... celebrating fall in the Southwest at the 16th annual Mountain Chile Cha Cha. The event included the Patty Aragon Green Chile Cookoff, a margarita contest, live music and activities for kids, among other things.

Mountain Chile Cha Cha chile,

margarita winners announced

By Jacque Aragon

Mountain Chile Cha Cha

The annual Patty Aragon Green Chile Classic took place at last week’s 16th annual Mountain Chile Cha Cha. 

The winners of the chile cook-off and margarita contest have been announced and are as follows.

Home cooks


Third place: V3, Sara Saraceno.

Second place: V8, Irene Pina.

First place: V2, Isabelle Herrera.


Third place: M33, Collin McDonald.

Second place: M8, Herrera.

First place: M18, Diana Aragon.

People’s Choice

Third place: M22, Clara Sanchez.

Second place: V10, Ron Martinez.

First place: M29 Malicia Thatcher.


Third place: M7, Island Breeze.

Second place: M6, The Rose.

First place: M2, Los Dos Charros.


Judged flavored

Third place: Benny’s

Second place: Rosie’s

First place: Ole Miner’s

Judged traditional

Third place: Riff Raff on The Rio

Second place: Neon Mallard

First place: Kip’s

Margarita winners People’s Choice flavored

Third place: Benny’s 

Second place: Rosie’s

First place: Neon Mallard

Margarita winners People’s Choice Traditional

Third place: Neon Mallard

Secondplace: Kip’s

First place: Benny’s

Best Booth Presentation: The Neon Mallard