Mental Health Awareness Walk

2019/04/RPE0633-300x206.jpg SUN photos/Randi Pierce
Mental Health Awareness Walk organizers Sarah Ross, left, and Diana Scott, right, are pictured with Youth Rise teacher Cheryl Bowdridge at Saturday’s event.[/caption]

2019/04/RPE0631-300x200.jpg Walk participants of many ages and professions gathered at Town Park prior to the event on April 13 to register and show their support for the Mental Health Awareness Walk. The first 50 people who registered were given a T-shirt designed for the event by Pagosa Springs High School graduate Ethan Brown.

2019/04/RPE0654-200x300.jpg Sporting event T-shirts and signs of support, participants head out from Town Park. The walk route went down the 400 block of Pagosa Street before winding down Hot Springs Boulevard, to 5th Street and arriving at Pagosa Springs High School.

2019/04/RPE0665-267x300.jpg With smiles, event organizers, classmates, friends and supporters lead the walk down Pagosa Street carrying signs encouraging people to “support, care, love” and “talk” about mental health.[/caption]

2019/04/RPE0706-224x300.jpg Sarah Ross, event co-organizer, speaks at the high school auditorium about mental health awareness and why she decided to hold the event in Pagosa Springs.

2019/04/RPE0718-205x300.jpg Josh Bramble, a licensed professional counselor, speaks to the attendees about his own experiences and the importance of reaching out for help if one is experiencing a mental health crisis.

2019/04/RPE0679-300x178.jpg Participating organizations set up informational tables at the high school, where they visited with participants and handed out information.