In Memoriam Alice M. (Montoya) Young

In Loving Memory

Alice M. (Montoya) Young

Nov. 16, 1929 — Dec. 17, 2011

Mother, She’s sweeter than the fragrances, That fill the dell in the spring, A joy she is above the joys, That all the years can bring.

She’s dearer than the dearest friend, That I will ever know, Her prayers ever guide me on, No matter where I go.

Her face is wrinkled deep with cares, Her hair is streaked with gray, And rosary beads slip through the hands, That first joined mine to pray.

And though the years have dimmed those eyes, That were so lustrous fair, ‘Tis death alone can take away, The love light shining there.

At night when I kneel down to pray, I thank the God above, Who was so good to give to me, My mother’s deathless love.

Love your children: Tom, Beverly, Wanda, James, Charles, Sandra, Veda and Shana