Family art night held at Seeds of Learning


Photos courtesy Seeds of Learning
On April 21, Seeds of Learning hosted “art night” for the parents and children who are enrolled at the preschool. The event was deemed a huge success.

By Danyelle Leentjes | Seeds of Learning 

On April 21, Seeds of Learning hosted “art night” for the parents and children who are enrolled at the preschool. It is the first opportunity for parents to join their children and teachers in the classroom for project-based family involvement since the pandemic restrictions over two years ago. 

It was a huge success, with 40 families attending. The school was buzzing with excitement as families and teachers participated in interactive art projects such as marbelizing rocks with nail polish, recreating Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting, creating their own version of Picasso and Monet mosaic paintings and colorful shaving cream art pieces. 

Easy-to-access tools like forks were used to design captivating wall gardens and ready-to-burst flower paintings. Seeds’ exceptional early childhood educational programming wouldn’t be possible without the devoted and passionate supporters from our community and beyond. 

Our truly transformative approach to family partnerships demonstrates value and respect for all families, honors diverse cultural backgrounds and links family engagement activities to classroom learning. Strong communication is the foundation for all home-to-school relationships, but when educators intentionally partner with families to make connections between learning in the classroom and learning at home, every child benefits. 

Photos courtesy Seeds of Learning
Students participate in fork art during Seeds of Learning’s “art night” on April 21.

Building powerful family partnerships is one of the five fundamental principles that help guide our teaching strategies at Seeds and help teachers understand the reasons for intentionally setting up and operating preschool programs in particular ways. The four remaining principles are: 

• Provide interactions and relationships with adults provide a critical foundation for successful learning.

• Social-emotional competence is a significant factor in school success.

• Constructive, purposeful play supports essential learning.

• The physical environment affects the type and quality of learning interactions.

Access to Seeds’ high-quality early childhood educational programs is crucial to the healthy development of social, emotional and cognitive skills. Investing in our youngest children now will create lasting change for their future. 

Seeds of Learning is a nonprofit standalone preschool serving approximately 58 preschoolers year-round, ages 2.5 to 5 years old. Seeds aims to meet families at their income level to help lift the financial burden. Currently, 79-80 percent of our families are on a reduced tuition fee based on income restrictions. For more information on Seeds of Learning and how you can support early childhood development in Archuleta County, please visit