Events planned to help clean up community


By Mary Jo Coulehan

Pagosa Springs Area

Chamber of Commerce

Looking to spring clean at your business? There are several events coming up that will help you achieve that goal. Shred your sensitive documents that are taking up space on Tuesday, May 4, at Shred Day, hosted by Archuleta County 4-H. 

On May 4 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the downtown TBK Bank parking lot, you can bring up to three boxes of papers to be shredded. Please try to take out clips and rubber bands. There is no registration needed and each box is $5. 

Get rid of old tax returns, payroll sheets or timecards, bank documents and other sensitive data that you no longer are required to keep for tax purposes and that are taking up space. This service is open not just to businesses; it is open to the public at large. Clean out your home office or business office, and protect your identity and shred old documents. For more information about shredding documents, contact the Archuleta County Extension office at (970) 264-5931.

The other spring cleaning event will be held Saturday, May 8, and is sponsored by the Town of Pagosa Springs and Archuleta County. Community Clean Up Day encourages all to clean up their areas around their business and in the community we live in. This is a good time to get staff together and either work on your area of the community to plant, pick up or spruce up or adopt another area in town where you can contribute some sweat equity. 

Perhaps the groups that have a portion of the highway adopted can get out that day and do their pick up? Perhaps groups can adopt some of the county roads to get out and pick up? Perhaps businesses in a particular section of town could band together and do some planting or painting? Public areas such as information kiosks can also be painted and sections of the river will also be attended to. If you would like to be assigned a duty or area of town, come to Yamaguchi Park at 9 a.m. to start work. 

For your reward of contributing to the beautification process of our community, there will be a barbecue and ice cream contest in Yamaguchi Park beginning at 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. There will be live music, barbecue and then a judging contest for the best home-made ice cream in honor of home-made ice cream aficionado and founder of Ski and Bow Rack Larry Fisher. Get your ice cream cranks going and bring your best flavor down to the park for the contest. For more information about this event or how you can participate, contact the Visitor Center at (970) 585-1200. 

Nonprofit connection

For six weeks, the Community Foundation serving Southwest Colorado is hosting a nonprofit leader collaboration meeting every Wednesday morning at 8:30 a.m. in the series, “Wake up With Wrinkle,” with director Briggen Wrinkle. 

Leaders from the different sectors can connect with other leaders in southwest Colorado to ask questions, learn recovery techniques, share advice and challenges and just connect with colleagues. The sectors are divided out as follows: The arts and culture, and education sectors already took place at the end of April. However, the animal discussion will take place on May 5, youth discussion on May 19, human services discussion on May 26 and the environment on June 2. 

If your nonprofit crosses various sectors, join in the conversation as often as you like. To register for the event, go to the Community Foundation’s website at The Zoom link is available there. As a special bonus, a $500 “door” prize will be granted to a randomly selected nonprofit agency. Don’t miss this opportunity to collaborate and learn from your organizational peers.