Countywide Women’s Bible Study continuing study of Joshua


By Stan Counsell | Countywide Women’s Bible Study

With the roads no longer being a hazard of snow and ice, the women’s study is back on track, and the ladies enjoyed returning to a warm, joyful ambiance of friendships and the Word of God made easy to understand while learning many interesting facts.

The study continues in the Book of Joshua. Much history, archeology and culture has made Jericho and its destruction quite eye-opening. Just how did Joshua and his Hebrew followers experience and handle profound fear mixed with the celebration of a mind-blowing victory when Jericho’s walls fell? Sadly, many try to discredit the Bible, trying to dismiss the story of Jericho, but the study’s moderator clearly provides the historical, cultural and biblical evidence, its archaeological discoveries and understanding of the Jewish experience.

Occasionally, having your own struggles, as followers of Christ, it is heart-warming to learn of Joshua’s own limitations. Superman would not at all describe him. He was a flawed human being just like everyone. He didn’t possess mighty leadership skills; he was just an imperfect man. Yet God was loyal to him, bathed him with His love, grace and forgiving guidance.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans.”? That applies to all who walk this earth. Not including the Lord in your daily plans can prove to be disastrous. Joshua found this out not once, but twice.

Your facilitator is Roberta (‘Bert) Counsell. She’s an ordained women’s pastor from an international evangelical organization encompassing over 4,400 churches in 116 countries. Her delight is the deep researching of biblical passages and stories in order to joyfully teach hungry and inquisitive minds, and make the difficult easy.

The women’s Bible study meets every Tuesday morning from 10 to 11:30 a.m. in the spacious and warm fellowship hall of the Grace in Pagosa campus. It is located at 1044 Park Ave., across from the recreation center. Bring your preferred Bible and personality; learning is fun when bathed in laughter. The study is always free. You can visit any Tuesday and be heartily welcomed. Should you have any questions or comments, please call (970) 264-9931.