Base your vote on facts

It took SUN staff less than two seconds to call out untruths written in a letter to the editor for last week’s newspaper.

We made a few phone calls and quickly had verification from four different sources that statements made by the letter writer were false.

The letter writer could have verified that information himself.

But he didn’t.

We ran the letter with an Editor’s note: “SUN staff verified that Commissioner Whiting has never voted ‘present.’”

The letter writer claimed it was a “cop out” to vote “present.” And, we agree. But it never happened. It wasn’t true. He actually voted.

It was more of a “cop out” for the letter writer to send in a letter that contained false accusations.

SUN reporter Randi Pierce covers the county beat and she knew from attending the meetings that the allegations were untrue.

The Archuleta County Clerk’s Office documents the commissioners’ votes and attendance and anyone can verify that information.

We are amazed when someone casts aside their integrity during elections to spread blatant untruths about candidates.

While we don’t always agree with letter writers’ opinions, we print their letters in order to encourage open discourse.

We welcome your opinions about any candidate. Please base your opinions on fact.

Just tell the truth.

Whiting really did vote. And he never voted “present.”

We hope that when you cast your ballot for county commissioner you will vote for the best candidate for the job.

In order to determine who the best candidate is, you must do your homework. Ask questions. And, most importantly, you must verify the answers.

Search for the truth.

Lately we’ve received plenty of letters containing accusations and negative politics. Sometimes you can’t put a positive spin on the truth. Life isn’t all rosy.

If you didn’t get the chance to attend Tuesday night’s League of Women Voter’s candidate forum to learn more about the two candidates running for the office of county commissioner, you will have another chance in the Election Tracker in next week’s paper. The candidates have run numerous ads in this newspaper. Take the time to verify the information they have provided. Don’t take everything you read or hear at face value.

Don’t base your vote on something someone told you that they “heard” about a candidate. Take the time to discover the truth for yourself.

We have no doubt that incumbent Whiting or challenger Ray Lattin would be willing to listen to your concerns and answer your questions.

Within a month’s time, the election will be over and the winner will be our commissioner for four years. We are hiring that commissioner to represent us.

We weren’t surprised to hear rumors (not based on fact) this week from both sides of the election regarding the certainty that their favorite candidate will win in November. What is surprising is that both sides are positive they have the votes.

That’s a bit concerning. The ballots haven’t been mailed out and the election is already being called.

Don’t let the rumors stop you from voting. The election isn’t a “done deal.” Don’t be complacent. Your vote can make all the difference.

And remember, no matter how you vote, base that vote on facts.

Terri Lynn Oldham House