Community Garden Dome welcomes participating organizations

By Roberta Tolan
Special to The PREVIEW
The Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership is opening the newly constructed Community Garden Dome in March and welcomes organizations to participate.
It certainly has been winter outside, but inside the Community Garden Dome, it is warm and bustling with activity. Volunteers have been working tirelessly since the first of the year constructing raised garden beds, inserting geothermal heat and preparing for the growing season. Yes, it may only be February, but as the days get longer and the sun is higher in the sky, the time for planting indoors is upon us.
The goal of the Community Garden Dome is to bring together individuals all representing a wide range of community organizations, working side by side in the greenhouse producing healthy food, engaging in conversation, developing partnerships and sharing goals and accomplishments. Community organizations each have their specific missions such as improving the diet and health of its members, increasing social and/or activity, physical/emotional healing or increased socialization, to name just a few. The Community Garden Dome provides organizations the opportunity to help achieve their goals through gardening.
Each organization will be asked to complete an application outlining how gardening will help satisfy the organization mission and include three measurable variables. Twelve organizations will be chosen based on their applications. If more than 12 are selected, a lottery system will be used to select the participating organizations.
Once selected, each organization will be assigned a growing bed inside the dome for a six-month period where they will be responsible for planting, watering, weeding, maintaining and harvesting the produce using approved organic gardening principles. Wheelchair-accessible beds are available upon request.
We are very grateful for the financial support of the Community Garden Dome from many individuals, organizations and businesses and the Community Garden Dome needs ongoing financial support for its continued maintenance and growth. We are also aware that organizations have varying financial resources. For this reason, we are asking that organizations donate an amount that they feel is appropriate and affordable.
We hope that you are excited and inspired by this unique community-wide opportunity. If you have questions and/or would like an application form, please contact Roberta Tolan at (970) 988-1572 or Applications must be postmarked by March 15 to be considered.

This story was posted on February 26, 2019.