You and me

Dear Editor:

Golly garsh darn, the Catholic Pope said God loves you even if you’re gay or have an abortion. Who do you think is next, Republicans or Jews?

Certainly not the former. Did you see the picture in the WSJ of the five Republican kissers supporting Sen. Cruz, saying no to health care and food stamps for the poor? Gad, you couldn’t replicate those negative nasty nabobs in your nightmares.

There just doesn’t seem to be any justice or consistency in this world. Hopefully, some light will come from the strict constructionist, hate everybody Tea Party. Nope, just more doom and gloom. I’m beginning to feel like the only light around is the survivalist fascists. Well, maybe not, they need to keep buying 6.8 ammo.

So, where can we seek asylum? That’s actually a good question. Sports, quantum physics, mother’s pie, local preacher? Nope, all fail the basic test of usable authenticity.

So, what’s a naive optimist supposed to cling to? I know: melodramatic petunias! That’s the ticket — a little hype to fend off the drones and NSA.

The human agency or condition is fraught with perils; thus, religion (of all types) are here to contain the basic fear of failure and our animal aggression. So, how to face such an incomprehensible peril? Well, get down on your knees and shake those beads. Not working? To the rescue comes this Pope. He speaks for the common man. He speaks for the common sinner. He speaks for society’s deviant. He speaks for the street homeless. He speaks for you and me.

Dave Blake

This story was posted on September 26, 2013.