Window shopping

Dear Editor:

Happy days are here again. It’s graduation time. And congratulations to all of you — your adult life is just beginning. So many who are older than you wish they could just “go back,” return to a simpler life. “Things” have taken over — the more they have, the more they want, until one day they wake up and find that it is the “things” that rule their lives and they are no longer free to be themselves — to live their passion without “things” getting in the way. What do you really need in the way of “things” to be happy and free? Keep it small, pursue your dreams, and happiness will be yours — that “things” stuff will take care of itself as you move along but you will, by that time, have learned how to live a happy life simply being who you are meant to be with a few “things” attached.

Married at ages 19 and 20 and having very little money, we would take the bus to town on Saturday and “window shop,” then get an ice cream cone before taking the bus back home — that was entertainment. We knew we couldn’t “buy” any of it but it was fun to look. Of course, eventually, we were able to “buy” and that was fun too. So, what I am saying to our young graduates, take a deep breath, pray to God every day for guidance, be honest with yourselves and others, live with an open mind, and know that what you think you want to do today very well may change tomorrow — and that is absolutely OK. Do without “things” while you are finding your way, and you will know true happiness.

Patty Tillerson


This story was posted on May 29, 2014.