Where’s the ‘good news’?

Someone questioned the need for our newspaper to communicate the “good news” of our community last week.

I pulled out my copy of The SUN that was published that day and took them through the pages one by one.

We started with the front page, where Chris Hinger contributed the honor band photo. Tessie Garcia shared a photo of Peggy Shipman’s class of fourth graders who had crafted bowls for the Empty Bowls event, which in turn supports our local food banks. At the bottom of the page was Pat Artis’ photo of the Future Pirate Cheerleaders entertaining crowds at the basketball games. Roberta Tolan shared news of the beef symposium coming to Pagosa.

There were numerous stories by SUN staff writers throughout the paper, along with ample opinions on the Letters to the Editor and Opinion pages, and interesting tidbits in Looking Back and Legacies. Ellen Roberts talked about life in the legislature.

Mary Jo Coulehan reminded us of the business news of the Chamber of Commerce and WinterFest activities.

Allison Wylie and Pat Artis contributed photos to enhance stories written by our staff writers Ed Fincher, Dana Hayward and Randi Pierce on the Sports pages. Tom Carosello filled us in on the town’s parks and rec news.

Raymond Taylor provided information about VA health care benefits. Colorado Parks and Wildlife asked for your input on the big game hunting season structure.

On the cover of The PREVIEW, Mike Pierce photographed the high school drama club production of “How to Make an American Teenage Quilt.” Sean Downing shared information about the performance with us and there was a separate photo essay inside.

Thingamajig Theatre Company’s Tim Moore updated us on the final performance of “Boeing Boeing.” Tessie Garcia provided an additional story and photo about the Empty Bowls event. Fourth-grade students were featured for creating medals for GECKO events.

The music and theater departments at the high school provided the scoop on their next production, “Hairspray.” John Harris shared about the need for volunteers at Chimney Rock. There was a plethora of activities and events listed in the calendar.

Betty Slade wrote about “Working with what you’ve got” in Artist’s Lane. Becky Herman welcomed Joan and Jerry Sager back to the center in Senior News. Maggie Ives told stories of Bigs and Littles involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

The Scene featured the Americana Project with photos taken by Randi Pierce.

Carole Howard contributed her weekly column about events and books at the library. John Motter regaled us with tales of Pagosa’s Past. Traci Bishop told about a new coupon class offered at the community center.

Roxanne Schick welcomed us to the Bronco Roundup at the Catholic Church on Super Bowl Sunday. Roberta Tolan reminded us of the offerings from the Extension Office. Recipe contest winners were announced for the Pavilion fundraiser.

James Sanderson talked about open-source churching in A Matter of Faith, and Jean Strahlendorf filled us in on the next Unitarian Universalist topic.

There is plenty of “good community news” to be found in the pages of our newspaper.

We welcome your “good news” submissions. If you are sharing photos, please e-mail a high-resolution file to editor@pagosasun.com. Articles may be sent to the same address.

It takes a village to put out a community newspaper.

What “good news” of our community are you going to share next week?

Terri Lynn Oldham House

This story was posted on January 30, 2014.

One Response to Where’s the ‘good news’?

  1. ConcernedwithCommunity

    January 30, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    I love the new community focus, Terri! This is the value of a good local newspaper. Thank you!