When I’m king

Dear Editor:

Finally, deficit reduction.

Let me make this factual and simple. One of Obama’s current campaigning statements is, “I reduced the deficit more than any other president in over the last 50 years.” Mark that up as an Obama (almost) truth. He was sworn in on Jan. 20, 2009. The deficits which accrued each of his first four years were, in order, $1,700,503,755,783.80, $1,728,932,670,235.70, $1,179,958,404,860.20, and $1,196,347,544,911.10 (Source: Treasury data).

Deficit reduction between his second and third years was $548,974,265,375.50. But remember, Congress, not the president, has the constitutionally defined primary responsibility of spending, taxing, borrowing and deficits. Remember, GHW Bush’s campaign promised, “read my lips, no new taxes.” The Democratic majority Senate and House raised taxes. Bush lied?

So, looking at this issue from a constitutional perspective, there was a humongous deficit in Obama’s second year that in reality should be attributed to Nancy Pelosi who had that primary responsibility. Further, there was a big deficit reduction in year three which should be attributed to John Boehner. Voters should all know that while Boehner reduced the deficit over $500,000,000,000, he still raised our debt over $1,000,000,000,000.

So one could say that John Boehner had the greatest deficit reduction of any House Speaker in the last 50 years, attributed to Nancy Pelosi’s obscene deficit increase in Obama’s second year. And one could honestly say that Boehner’s deficits his two years with Obama were $1,053,130,476,248.20 less than the deficits of Pelosi during her two years with Obama; or $9,213.81 less per taxpayer. Thanks, John.

And we can give Obama credit for approving four consecutive trillion plus deficits. But, on election day, none of this much matters because, according to my personal poll, only less than 20 percent of voters know how many million are in a trillion, and only less than 2 percent know how many years it would take to pay our debt if we paid $100,000,000 ($100 million) per day excluding interest. And nobody knows my personally proven fact that 17 trillion grains of sugar would take a swimming pool 5-feet deep, 30-feet wide, and over 156 feet long to contain it. If you don’t understand the problem, don’t vote.

I recently visited my doctor. I told the doctor I had deep stress. The doctor asked the cause, and I asked “how many million are in a trillion?” The doc could not guess. I told the doc that people voting on campaign promises that don’t even know the problem worry the hell out of me. I can’t sleep.

So when I become king, I’ll do two things: Nobody will be allowed to vote that don’t know how many million are in a trillion, or that don’t know how many years it will take to pay our debt if we paid $100,000,000 per day. Then I’d lower the voting age to 9; it will henceforth be illegal to impose taxation without representation (Tea Party folks should like that). Today those kids do not get to vote on debts we incur and that they must pay.

Harris Bynum

This story was posted on September 12, 2013.