Dear Editor:

I have come to realize that many of gun control supporters lack knowledge of facts and history, the ability to understanding deductive reasoning, personal experience or are just too prideful and prejudiced to see the facts, truths and evidence showing why our founding fathers felt, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” is a natural right given by God!

In fact, the 2nd Amendment came next in line after freedom of religion, freedom of the press and freedom of speech in the 1st Amendment. Without the 2nd Amendment, the founders understood it would be easy for corrupt leaders to usurp their entrusted authority and steal the other rights that the Bill of Rights guaranteed to the citizens of the United States without the ability to resist and keep their government in “check” as a number of the founders stated.

Thomas Jefferson counseled, “No free man shall be debarred use of arms in his own land,” and “An armed society is a polite society.” Ask yourself, what point was Jefferson trying to make? What reasons would a law abiding “free man” be restricted from ownership of firearms as a citizen by his government leaders? Would a criminal (robber and thief) be more “polite” to an armed citizen or unarmed citizen? How many of you have an armed guard to protect yourselves, family and home as Obama does around the clock at taxpayer expense?

Hitler said at one of his Tableside Talks that, “The first mistake any ruler makes is to allow their citizenry to own and control firearms.” Hitler started disarming the citizens as a process by gaining support from the unaware population who lacked insight and passed a gun registration act in 1935. A few years later, a gun ban was passed. Those who foolishly registered their guns, had their guns taken from them by the state police or Gestapo. Could millions of armed Jews who were murdered have given a strong resistance to or even deterred Hitler’s extermination?

Whose counsel or advice is Obama following, Hitler’s or Jefferson’s? Whose agenda or policy will you support? We can look at Stalin, Hitler, Castro and all tyrants of the past and present and gain a clear understanding that none of them wanted or allowed their citizens to be armed for a reason. Before guns, tyrants outlawed swords in history. That reason was control by eliminating the citizens ability to give any form of resistance to the governments taking freedoms or overstepping their authority or boundaries.

The warning signals are clear and ominous to all Americans who have eyes to see and ears to hear Obama’s purposes and agenda. Those who love freedom and liberty, let your voices be heard to your local, state and national elected leaders. Don’t be like the people of Germany who were silent or lacked the courage or insight to see the path Hitler was taking their nation down. Be warned, be prepared and be wise, my fellow Americans.

Monte Lane

This story was posted on February 21, 2013.

One Response to Warned

  1. littledrummerboy

    February 21, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    i know a lot of people like to think they have “god given” rights and like to base their arguments on this premise. apparently, god decided to start handing out rights specifically on july 4, 1776 and only within certain artificial boundaries created by men in power. (and only to men, at that time. white men.) they change over the years depending on social attitudes and who is is power. according to this logic a morally upright, good “christian” family man who unfortunately doesn’t live in this country was not given the same rights by god as we were. oh, and if i were to fly to cuba right now does god take my “god given rights” away until i return to this country? i can promise you they do not apply over there. let’s be perfectly clear mr. history buff – rights are artificial laws “given” by the government. do not delude yourself with this notion that we are so special that we get preferential treatment from the almighty based solely on our geographic location. you have got to be kidding me!