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Wal-Mart submits permit application

Staff Writer

Wal-Mart is on track to break ground this summer and begin construction of a 92,000 square-foot super center at the corner of Alpha Drive and Aspen Village Drive on the west side of Pagosa Springs, with an eye on a grand opening in the spring of 2014.

“Wal-Mart has submitted a building permit application,” town planner James Dickhoff confirmed on Monday, “so we are in the plan review stage at this point. We are reviewing their building permit plans for compliance with the 2006 International Building Code and the town’s Land Use Development Code. That’s the typical process for any plans that we get in. We review it for compliance, if any corrections are needed we request those corrections, they send revisions, we review those revisions and if everything is up to speed then we issue a permit.”

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This story was posted on May 23, 2013.
  • Walmartsux

    This news makes me sick. Goodbye to the wetlands and all the wildlife in Pinion Lake. Goodbye to all the businesses that worked so hard to make a living in Pagosa.

    • NOName

      Oh please!! This will help our community and give the tax dollars to Archuleta County and will be an opportunity for jobs.

      • http://www.facebook.com/david.cobb.98 David Cobb

        This does not help communities. When the wal-mart opened here in La Junta, CO., all the mom and pops stores where DONE…There are more empty stores and building now than there was before wal-mart showed up…

        • ajpagosa

          And the Great Recession had nothing to do with that? Get a grip people, the entire world went crazy flipping houses and taking out home equity loans to buy toys, instead of developing skills and saving money for a rainy day. Might as well blame it on global warming or gay marriage.

    • ajpagosa

      You must be really happy about Pagosa Lakes. Please explain which businesses here will go under. Restaurants? Bars? Hotels? Banks? Ski shops? Bike shops? Gas Stations? Local trinket/tourism shops? Barber shops? Realtors? Contractors? Property Management? You get what I’m saying?

      What here actually competes with Walmart? Nothing much. Your objections are ideological/political and serve only to prevent locals from having a more affordable cost of living for basic necessities.

      • SEAN

        HEY AJ, [ ] 16 stores on main st closed after the DURANGO store opened,get a job,get out of the woods and stop hugging trees.You like to mess with people,do something more constructive with your time,go plant a tree,and buy a clue!

        • ajpagosa

          Huh? Put down the bong son. I’m no tree hugger. Which stores in Durango closed, video game stores? Comic book stores? T-shirt shops? Stores mainly catering to….students? None of that applies here. The store in Durango most likely to close if a Walmart opens in Pagosa is….Walmart. A lot of us up here that is the only reason to go to Durango, wade through all the hippies and university intellectual deviant types.

          Oh yeah, in case you missed it there was a giant recession in this country, might have had something to do with it. Pagosa is already littered with closed stores downtown, can’t blame that on Walmart. Try taking some econ classes. And maybe some english while you’re at it.

  • walmartsux

    way to destroy a once very cool town mitchum & aragon…you guys need to leave before you do anymore damage!

    • Walmartsux

      You forgot Dickhoff. He has been the town suck-up from the beginning….

  • aheadofyou

    If this town does not start moving forward, it will remain the same sad excuse it has been for years. Poor pay, no jobs and no future.

    • Walmartsux

      Pagosa is fine the way it is. Why do you want to change it? Progress??? You want big city, then MOVE THERE….

      • ajpagosa

        Nah it’s too much fun living here. When I’m too tired from all the outdoor recreation and beautiful scenery, I can sit here at my computer and annoy people like yourself. Limitless fun.

        • Walmartsux

          You probably don’t even live in Pagosa. You live in Aspen Springs….

          • ajpagosa

            Sorry, Dude, guess again.

  • Jake

    Walmart jobs are good jobs decent pay with benefits. In addition their distribution Center will open up more jobs. Most of those jobs will pay benefits as well. I cannot see where having a Walmart in the community is necessarily a bad thing for the citizens who live there.

    • Walmartsux

      Your living in a dream world if you believe that…

  • FormerPagosan

    1. How many locals shops will eventually close after WM opens? 2. What will the once awesome Pagosa night sky look like after WM parking lot lights up the night? 3. Too many poor people have a tough time not spending money when walking through WM

    • Walmartsux

      Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.
      Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular:

      This is our town leaders. The ones that brought Walmart here. They don’t care about what happens after Walmart starts business. All they see is the tax $$$$.

      Stupid, dumb…

      • ajpagosa

        I look forward to meeting you in person at your new Walmart Greeter job.

    • ajpagosa

      Instead of all the hysterical drama why not name some stores that will go out of business? I suspect you can’t.

      Why are you worried about poor people being able to afford stuff? Hello? Why should people who live here pay more money for stuff so a couple of 7-11’s (or whatever) can keep ripping us locals off?