Dear Editor:

The local theme park, mindset is being fueled by outsider influences, much like the ones that are trying to develop the Village at Wolf Creek. Here, local businesses welcome the purposed developments on Reservoir Hill. Wake up: This is just an outside attempt to take away a city park. It’s an inspirational place, its 165 acres of wilderness area have been set aside for hikers, dog lovers, horse riders and nature lovers, all freely enjoying the peace and tranquility offered up by the park’s natural environment — no fences, just a gate to keep out traffic, is all that separates us from our personal Walden Pond, a place to reflect and unwind. A place of introspection and solitude. A sacred place.

The powers that be in town government would like us to believe Pagosa’s financial future will be benefited by the Reservoir Hill development project. It will not and we must be sure to vote. Don’t sell Pagosa short by not voting; our park is not for sale. It belongs to our children and future generations of town folk. No sale at any price. Why buy something we own already?

So, to the outsiders and influence peddlers, keep your promises of quick money at the expense of our children’s legacy and quit influencing our town government. It just makes them look bad. There are other ways to generate revenue here in Pagosa. Keep our Walden Pond for future Emersons, and build Disneyland elsewhere.

Pagosa, we need and want tourist dollars, but at what cost to future generations? It costs nothing to walk in the park. It is not too late. We can stop all future development of Reservoir Hill. We can stop the bulldozers in their tracks. The developers are hoping voters will not turn out, due to lack of interest and a poor economy. Let’s all vote and take back our town park at Reservoir Hill. We own it. Outsiders have been acting like they already own it. Well, they don’t. Get mad, Pagosa, make our voices be heard and vote. Let us all tell outsiders selling greed disguised as fun and prosperity that we are not buying into these lies. Once outsiders gain control of our precious park, it’s all over. Reservoir Hill belongs to our children. Please help save their future. Vote, No Development!

Michael A Turner

Editor’s note: In fairness, it must be noted that the proposals for development on Reservoir Hill were created by Pagosa area residents, some of them longtime Pagosa residents.

This story was posted on February 14, 2013.