Vote smart

Dear Editor:

I applaud your 9-27-2012 editorial suggesting that Pagosans, particularly young residents, register to vote. I also concur, that the campaign contribution amounts are almost as staggering as our debt (see; Obama has raised $690,100,000 and Romney has raised $633,000,000. Many Americans are trying to get money out of politics, but my suggestion to “leveling the playing field” is to outlaw all contributions and issue each party $500 million annually to spend on the presidential elections.

However, I thought the editor’s reference to “W” showed an MSNBC education; I would have rephrased his “W (George W. Bush) among other things, took a budget surplus and turned it into a hugely bloated deficit, amassing debt that would stun the most avid socialist, while continuing with the nation-building in foreign lands he promised to end.” This way: “With our young people’s PC literacy and internet proficiency, one needs not read or listen to half-truths and hate from blindly biased party supporters. Facts are easily “searched” out on sites like (“.gov” sites are government books) for the Constitution and its amendments, for our past daily “Debt to the Penny” archive, and to see which party was leading the Senate and the House each year. In the Constitution, you will find that Congress (not the president) has primary responsibility and authority to spend, tax, and borrow; and you’ll find that the Congressional anniversary of responsibility is Jan. 2, but the president’s anniversary of responsibility is Jan. 20. Matching the dates of the responsible parties in Congress and in the presidency to the debt on each day will give you the following: Clinton and Bush had annual deficits (spent more than they took in) on each of their anniversaries (’93-’08). On the Congressional anniversaries Clinton’s Republican-controlled congress had a surplus of over $100 billion in their last year, and that the bi-partisan Congress of Bush’s first year spent the surplus before Bush was inaugurated.

Further, one can notice that Clinton had a two-year Democratic Congress averaging an annual deficit (borrowing) of $315 billion and a 6-year Republican Congress averaging $155 billion; Bush’s annual deficit was 1.7 times as much with a Democratically led Congress as it was with a Republican led Congress, and that Obama’s Democratic-controlled Congress averaged $1,685 billion deficits his first two years.”

The chairman of our Joint Chiefs of Staff once told Obama that the greatest threat to our national security was our national debt ( Young voters in particular should be aware of our $16,000,000,000,000-plus (that’s over $16 million x one million) debt and who must repay it. It ain’t the people in Pine Ridge Nursing Home. No party (including the Tea Party) has plans to reduce it. Why? When you hear a politician say they’re going to reduce the deficit, they’re saying that they will borrow less this year and put the remaining borrowing on your credit card. Help yourself, search for facts, vote smart. Prosperity is yours, but it is not an entitlement.

Harris Bynum

This story was posted on October 17, 2012.