Vote for Bob

Dear Editor:

Like most residents of Archuleta County, I count on electricity to turn on lights reliably, cook my meals easily, heat my home comfortably, and power my electronic devices flawlessly. Also, like most residents of Archuleta County, I think about the company that provides that electricity, LaPlata Electric Association, only to pay my bill and hope the rates stay reasonable. I rarely think about the LPEA Board of Directors that makes the decisions affecting the lives of every person in our COOP. I have rarely voted in the Board of Directors elections.

That “ignorance is bliss” attitude changed in talking with Bob Lynch, whom I have known for more than 10 years, and is now a candidate for our District One’s seat on the Board. As a fifth generation citizen of Archuleta County, Bob is strongly committed to our community, its present livelihood and quality of life as well as its future. He is more than qualified to serve on the Board, having 30 years of business experience in owning a management consulting firm working with major national and international companies as well as operating his own cattle ranch. Owning his own businesses has given him a fiscally conservative perspective. It has also made him an expert in strategic planning and finding forward thinking, long term, and creative solutions to problems. He is a fact-based decision maker who demands evidence of results to determine the efficacy and reliability of those decisions. Most importantly, Bob’s integrity is unquestionable and unfailing.

Bob’s significant qualifications and unique attributes will serve him well in addressing the specific challenges and needs currently facing our energy production. LPEA’s relationship with Tri-State, the major provider of our energy, currently constrains our options to explore alternative energy sources. Bob seeks to move beyond this static relationship to gain more local control in maximizing power generation options and enhance our energy security with multiple energy sources, particularly local sources not solely dependent on the national electric grid. He knows that safely and responsibly using traditional sources of power as well as exploring and capitalizing on renewable options, including solar, hydro, geothermal, and biomass, enhance our power generation. Bob’s proactive rather than reactive approach to these concerns will hold LPEA executives accountable, create a collaborative rather than divisive working relationship on the Board, and help provide energy through multiple options to sustain productivity at reasonable costs.

For twenty-five years, I taught at Pagosa Springs High School, with the focus of preparing our county’s young people for the future. Today, I urge you to vote for Bob Lynch, who also values that future, as well as the present, as he seeks to provide LPEA with expert leadership. The Directors who make decisions for our energy matter greatly. When each of you who pays an electric bill receives your ballot in the mail in early May, please return it quickly with a vote for Bob Lynch — for our present and for our future.

Nancy Esterbrook

This story was posted on April 3, 2014.