Vocal ‘activists’

Dear Editor:

There seems to be more vocal “activists” fighting against freedom and 1iberty sending letters to the editor, and obviously resisting freedom, while accepting it every day, for free. There is actually a segment of people who truly believe big government and big taxes are the norm, and seem upset that their servant government masters are being challenged to comply with what made this republic the greatest in the world, and which is now destroying that greatness. It is a shame how ignorant we have become as a People, and how apathetic, lawless and corrupted a small segment of the population has become to want to defend the same tyranny, slavery and lawlessness that has destroyed countless nations and people in history. They seem to actually want to fight the constitution and rule of law that made us free and prosperous, and enjoy the chains they have embraced. Is it just ignorance of the actual constitution? Ignorance of history? Is it willful warring against our laws and way of life because they are accepting the socialist, communist, fascist policies being foisted on America? Is it because they like something for nothing? Have they rejected the true God, and bow to all the other false gods made available to them? We are talking about many in the older generation, too … people in their 50’s-80’s+ who appear to have forgotten the wars … the depression … the death … history. Many of the younger generation are far more awake than those who have fallen asleep and are being deceived by the corrupt governments … federal, state and local, and have become domestic enemies of our laws. How can we peacefully appeal to you guys to follow our constitutional map for prosperity and freedom and quit destroying it? Why have you betrayed our constitution and all Americans? Why do you hate freedom and liberty? What will it take for you to understand what we are doing here, or what is at stake that you don’t seem to understand or care about? Will it take the planned demise of the dollar to take all your presumed “retirement” to wake you up? Will it take going to an internment camp, when society inevitably breaks down because of your belief system? Are you one of those who will turn in the true lawful patriots who resist this tyranny, and love freedom … the people who are defending your rights because you won’t? Freedom is expensive, not free. Why do you make the same mistakes 6,000 years of history prove do not work?

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on February 13, 2014.