Visitor Center

Dear Editor:

With reference to the front page of last week’s Pagosa SUN article, “Who will run the Visitor Center,” I was offended by the notion the town was paying $4.33 per person — whereas similar visitor centers was $2.72 per person. As a volunteer, I decided I would make a mark for every family who did not sign in last Friday morning.

Archie the bear is standing there holding a sign with the message, “Please sign in.” Now that it is past Labor Day, the crowds are mostly smaller and older folks. But with the smaller number of visitors, we still had two full pages of signatures, plus some on the third sheet — approximately 75 signatures. I only had three marks for those who slipped through the cracks, but feel confident a large percentage of visitors do not get reported, thus inflating the reported cost per person.

Some will say, “I signed it yesterday,” or came in to just use the restroom and failed to sign. Naturally, we were on our toes to make sure every group is represented, but many are just not willing to sign in; therefore, the actual number is under reported and inflates the reported cost per person.

I sincerely hope the Chamber of Commerce remains a part of the Visitor Center. They do a great job of keeping the material in the correct slots to help our visitors with the information they are in need of, which encourages the visitors to spend time and money in Pagosa Springs.

Marilyn McCann

This story was posted on September 19, 2013.