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Dear Editor:

Hard to believe, but, apparently Town Manager David Mitchem and the old guard council are still applying pressure on the Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce to lower their current lease offer of the Visitor Center from the already negotiated $1.15 per sq. ft.

The citizens have spoken via a SUN poll. Over 80 percent want to keep the Visitor Center where it is. Yet Mitchem continues to drive the hard deal, ignoring the fact that, unlike the Town, the Chamber is a business that has a budget and expenses. The Chamber has an offer from another business to lease the Visitor Center for $1.25 sq. ft. It’s a business decision. They’ve already acquiesced to the Town by discounting their rent 10 cents per sq. ft., to $1.15.

It’s not the Chamber’s job to rescue the Town from their bad decisions — and at their own expense. The Chamber is not the bad actor here. It is the Town. They have agreed to pay $1 sq. ft. if they relocate to the dilapidated old City Market location. How can they justify that same rent for the current riverside Visitor Center?

I urge the Chamber to not be bullied, and to not let the guilt of our Town manager and Council fall on their shoulders.

I also urge all citizens attend the Town Council meeting today at noon, to let your feelings be known about the impending relocation of the Visitor Center. The Council is scheduled to vote on approving the lease for the old City Market strip mall location.

Cynda Green

This story was posted on April 17, 2014.

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  1. Walmartsux

    April 18, 2014 at 11:21 am

    The time has come to dump Mitchem……