VA turmoil

Dear Editor:

A simple solution to the VA turmoil.

Even though I am a veteran I have never used the VA system, first because I am not a combat veteran and second I have always had decent jobs with health insurance and now I have Medicare with a supplement from USAA.

My solution is to allow all vets to enroll in Medicare immediately and waive the fees that, for me, currently come out of my Social Security check and my supplement. This would give each vet the opportunity of choice of a local doctor or a VA facility. It would create some competition for these patients between local doctors and the VA. It would also really work for those of us who live in rural areas far from Denver, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, etc.

Also the paperwork would be minimal. Many vets are already qualified for VA so have a VA card; every vet knows where a copy of his DD 214 is. I have mine. Everyone has a Social Security number so issue each vet a Medicare card.

I am sure that some will say “This is too complicated.” Or “we do not want to lose this chance to bash Obama.”

If we care for our vets get them on Medicare/VA or both, their choice.

Ray Finney

This story was posted on May 29, 2014.