UUs to discuss connection with Bob Dylan

By Stephen Clarke
Special to The PREVIEW
“Bob Dylan and an Initiatory Tradition in Popular Culture” — a research report given by Stephen Clarke (guest speaker) — will examine several converging influences crucial to Dylan’s remarkable continuing influence on American culture Sunday.
These are the poetic muse as considered by the Robert Graves, the backstory of Harry Smith’s remarkable “Anthology of American Folk Music,” Dylan’s lifelong fascination with the fractal visage of the Goddess both sacred and profane, and a deep familiarity with both Hebrew and Christian traditions.
Since 1948, Stephen Clarke has been a walkabout hitchhiker, single father, associate founder of several Rudolf Steiner Waldorf schools, a research scientist with a degree in chemistry and physics, an anti-war activist, a BMW and Mercedes-Benz mechanic and shop owner in New Mexico for 30 years. The continuing contributions of Dylan have been a strong counterpoint throughout and he eagerly awaits the next Jack Reacher novel.
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This story was posted on December 29, 2018.