UU to consider the nones among us

By Dean Cerny
Special to The PREVIEW
Recent research has shown that there is a substantial number of the U.S. population that identify themselves as religious “nones.”
Research polls indicate this group is approaching 25 percent of the population. They are definitely among us. It would be no surprise to find them at the Pagosa Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.
Who are these people? What might we learn from them concerning the future of religious America? Can “nones” help us grow as a spiritual community? Our service on July 22 at 10:30 a.m. will explore some possible answers to these questions. This service will be led by Pastor Dean Cerny.
“Nones” by definition are those who call themselves religious or spiritual but prefer not to affiliate with any organized religion. When the Pew Research Center asked “nones” if they were “looking for a religion that would be right” for them, 88 percent responded by saying, “Thanks, but no thanks.”
“Nones” are independent-thinking individuals who are determined to write their own spiritual story. The desire of “nones” to write their own spiritual ticket without the encumberments of organized religion is a courageous exercise in religious freedom. We can both admire and learn from “nones” when pursuing our own spiritual narrative.
For the next two Sundays, I encourage any and all “nones” within the Pagosa Springs area to attend these services. In doing so, we might all discover the spiritual value of the “nones” among us.
Special musical guests this week are Acoustic Picnic, a local Pagosa musical group. Three vocals and three sets of strings, they are Carol Blechschmidt on autoharp, Steve Blechschmidt on banjo and Dave Pettus on guitar.
Check out our calendar of events at pagosauu.org. All of these events take place at Unit B-15 of the Greenbriar Plaza. From North Pagosa Boulevard, turn onto Park Avenue, then turn into the Greenbriar Plaza, drive to the east side of the parking lot and look for the Unitarian Universalist sign, facing north.
If you would like to schedule a private meeting with Cerny, or for further information, call 731-7900.

This story was posted on July 21, 2018.