USPO service

Dear Editor:

Will Pagosa’s U.S. Postal Service ever remedy its substandard delivery service?

During the five years I have resided here, I have received someone else’s mail in my box enough times that I have lost count. Knowing how often I am in receipt of someone else’s mail, it is easy to surmise that the reverse occurs also, i.e., my mail does not get to me. I do not recall ever experiencing this in any other community that I lived in.

Anyway, I used to drop the misdirected pieces in the outgoing slot; presumably, they reached their destinations the second time. After several incidents, I decided to start returning them to the post office personally, on my time and on my dime, to call it to their attention. While there, speaking to others in the waiting line, I realized I was not unique in my frustrations.

It needs to be said that the front desk staff has been wonderful in their response, always asking me for my phone number and address, and then forwarding the misdirected piece to the head postmaster of the Pagosa unit each time, but I have never heard from that person.

In the past year, it has “cost” me both monetarily and in terms of stress. Three bank-to-bank transfers had to be canceled after three -to-four-week wait periods with no receipt of funds on the other end. The third occurrence, I renewed my attempt, but from another bank branch in another town, and voila, timely and successful as one would and should expect.

Now, this weekend, I received two voting ballots in my box. One for me, and one for a resident a block away. To me, this is not a minor mishap. If I had not received my ballot, I would have been more than just disappointed. I will be returning the other voter’s ballot to the County to take care of it as it deems fit, as I have already tried to deliver it to the intended recipient, but to no avail. It is not our responsibility to do the Post Office’s very important duty.

Chalyn Fitzgerald

This story was posted on June 12, 2014.