Us and them

Dear Editor:

I continue to see the “us and them” theme being talked about in the letters to the editor and in discussion across this republic. Yes, we are actually a republic, not a “Democracy,” which is just another lie the enemy propagates. “Those Republicans” or “Those Democrats” doing this or that is another lie. Anyone who believes in this mantra is caught up in the propaganda psyops meant to create a divide where only law and the Constitution should be.

For example, if we continue to buy into any “Republican” or any “Democrat” (“Conservative” or “Liberal”) unconstitutional or unlawful theme, we’ve been deceived into the divisive nature of the enemy of us all. The simply question to ask ourselves is this: Am I “for” original law and the Constitution, or am I “against” original law and the Constitution? Democrats or Republicans can be either lawless, or followers of the original intent of the Constitution and our united group of 50 nation/states.

This is third-grade (1850) stuff people, so why are we so pathetically ignorant these days? Colorado counties have such potential, but most have local government officials and employees that are subverting the law and our Constitution(s) … both State and Federal. Montezuma County, is way ahead of us. They have not only a local District Attorney that is a constitutional DA, (refusing to file charges against unconstitutional actions by the sheriff’s department), but the county attorney and two of the three county commissioners are also constitutionally acting under their oath of office … to the chagrin of those who are traitors to the people and their oath to serve them.

The whiners are complaining that their financial scam of milking the people at the local level, and losing control over the people … is being hampered by those not willing to damage their employers … that would be us, the people. Wow. Can you imagine if every county government and all employees would stand up that way instead of break the laws as most do today? Apathy, ignorance and corruption have destroyed every nation and people in the history of the world. Which of those three do you have hanging over your head? Every one of them you have control over if you choose to change them, and want to change you … and change your republic back to what it was intended to be and what changed the world. Do you want tyranny, slavery and financial prison, or do you want to return to what created the greatest collection of people and laws working together the world has ever seen? Your future and that of your family depends on your answer, and your action, or lack thereof. Don’t give in to evil overload, and hide your head, or worse yet, directly contribute to the lawlessness.

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on May 22, 2014.