Dear Editor,

You placed an editor’s note at the end of my letter to the editor last week, in response to my words, “A simple phone call or two to the TTC or Parks and Recreation department to verify the information would have been very easy and should be the responsibility of a newspaper that claims to be ‘The most trusted source for news and information about Pagosa Springs, Colorado.’”

Your editor’s note stated that “Staff” communicated with members of the town Parks and Recreation Department as well as members of the Parks and Recreation Commission, and made calls to the Director of the TTC, which were not returned.

The editor’s note that you wrote is untrue and I don’t appreciate it. The town manager has communicated with both Tom and Jim from the Parks and Recreation Department and they confirmed that no one from The SUN communicated with staff concerning the quotes in The SUN’s January 31st article that I wrote my letter to the editor about.

Also there were no calls placed to the director of the TTC and we will be happy to prove it with phone records.

The fact is, the TTC did a very nice enhancement to town park signage and it did so only after full approval and appreciation of the town Parks and Recreation Department, the Forest Service, the Rotary Club and Town Council.

I am tired of The SUN printing whatever they want as news without checking the facts before printing. Your editor’s note suggests that part of what I said in my letter was untrue and I don’t appreciate that. It also suggests that the TTC director has not returned phone calls; again untrue and I don’t appreciate that.

I wasn’t going to write anything and just ignore it, but untruths should not be ignored, and the readers of The SUN deserve to know what is going on.

Bob Hart

This story was posted on February 14, 2013.