Unofficial election results released

The unofficial results of the primary election in Archuleta County were released at around 8 p.m. this evening, June 24.

Following are the Archuleta County vote totals for contested races by office, which all appeared on the Republican ballot. Additional results for each race voted in Archuleta County, across all three major parties, will be available in Thursday’s edition of The SUN.

Archuleta County commissioner, District 3:

Ray Lattin — 1,052 votes.

Dennis Spencer — 938 votes.

Archuleta County sheriff:

Richard Valdez — 1,485 votes.

Carl Smith — 660 votes.

U.S. representative, District 3:

Scott Tipton — 1,474 votes.

David Cox — 422 votes.


Tom Tancredo — 554 votes.

Bob Beauprez — 478 votes.

Mike Kopp — 441 votes.

Scott Gessler — 344 votes.

State Board of Education, Congressional District 3:

Barbara Ann Smith — 788 votes.

Marcia Neal — 657 votes.



This story was posted on June 24, 2014.