Unkept promise

Dear Editor:

I agree with your sentiments about finally finishing the Town to Lakes Trail. It’s overdue, and needed, especially at a time of increased alienation with kids and adults tied to TV, computer and portable device screens. With 300 days of sunshine, we would all be healthier getting outdoors more.

It offers more than a recreation center, because it would allow all the dog lovers a longer option than the short downtown Riverwalk and actual transportation for folks on bikes to avoid Put Hill coming and going from Pagosa Lakes and the town. I attended a local meeting where it was shown that property values rise near these trails and a lot of neighborhoods would be close to this trail.

I would like to see both the trail and recreation center become reality here; but I believe the trail has been an unkept promise for too long.

Thanks for tellin’ it like it is!

Addi Greer

This story was posted on July 25, 2013.