Dear Editor:

Seventeen years ago, Dan Appenzeller had the idea to have a folk festival in Pagosa. Over the years, he, Crista Munro and many volunteers have transformed Reservoir Hill into a unique musical venue. This secluded hideaway is surrounded by forest and provides camping areas for festival goers, beautiful views and some of today’s best folk music. This family-like affair just drew around 3,800 people per day, many of them children.

Why do visitors come to Pagosa on vacation or just drive through and decide to buy property? I have met many, including myself. Probably because of what it has to offer that is unique and beautiful. If visitors wanted carnivals, they probably would not choose Pagosa. I suspect carnival rides are necessary when you have nothing else to offer.

Phyl Daleske

This story was posted on September 26, 2012.