Dear Editor:

Last fall, my wife and I went to PAWSD to find out what was required to tap onto city water, as we were getting ready to build a 1,500 square foot home within the city limits. Gregg Mayo told us that we could not have city water unless we bonded and ran a new 8-inch line, including fire hydrants wherever the fire chief chose. We would be replacing the old line and must retap the other three customers on the line. Then we must maintain the line for two years, at which time it would belong to PAWSD.

This was estimated to cost $180,000 for a water hookup.

Since we considered this to be completely unacceptable, we scheduled an appearance at a board meeting. At that meeting, Allen Bunch was not only rude, but also condescending. He is obviously not a pro-customer person.

At one point he asked, “What makes you assume you deserve to tap onto our water line?” I replied that I bought a lot in the city limits, where water was available and I pay taxes to PAWSD.

At the outset of the board discussion, Mr. Bunch contended that what Mr. Mayo required was what we would have to do. After alternate suggestions by various board members and PAWSD employees, in the end, I barely got three votes for a plan stipulating I would pay for a fire hydrant and a new six-inch line to my property, replacing their old line because they didn’t feel it was good enough for me to tap onto.

They didn’t want to pressure test it, even though I agreed to pay that expense, because they felt it wouldn’t hold up to a pressure test. Just mean spirited and uncooperative because I feel the test would prove the cost unnecessary.

It is obvious to me that part of the current board and administrative want customers to rebuild and put in new lines at their own expense rather than through tap fees and water bills.

They have failed to run that facility like a legitimate business and are continuing to fail at our expense. I hope the voters of our water district will join me in replacing Mr. Bunch with a new board member who will hopefully take a more common sense approach to administering PAWSD.

Please support common sense and vote for Paul Hansen and Gordon McIver go to http://pawsd.org/app-for-absentee-ballot.html and have a ballot sent to you and vote.

Mike McDonald

This story was posted on April 3, 2014.