Dear Editor:

In reading Cynda Green’s letter (SUN, Dec. 13) about Bob Hart and the Town Tourism Committee (TTC) could not help but be struck by the tone and extraordinary lack of civility she displayed and how flagrantly unfair this letter was. Whatever your feelings are about the development of Reservoir Hill, these personal attacks are really uncalled for. This does not serve our community very well and disregards the good deeds being done by many, including Bob Hart, for this community.

Ms. Green suggests that Bob Hart and the TTC has no interest in supporting events in town like the Folk Festival. This totally ignores the fact that Bob Hart has for many years, and continues to provide free trucking support for the event to help mitigate against mud and dust by hauling wood shavings for the event free of charge. I don’t think you will hear Ms. Green’s feelings on this subject echoed by the organizers at Folk West.

For those of you who think that the water features that have been constructed through town are a marvelous addition to the downtown area, you might want to consider that along with Davey Pitcher from the Wolf Creek Ski area, it was Bob Hart that provided much of the heavy equipment and manpower required to get the job done. You guessed it, free of charge.

Ms. Green suggests that if Reservoir Hill gets developed, Hart Construction will be the “likely contractor.” This ignores the fact that the development would have to be competitively bid and that Hart Construction has subsequently publicly withdrawn itself from bidding on the project; if it ever comes to pass or is funded.

It should also be noted that Bob Hart and the TTC serve as unpaid volunteers in their efforts to try and improve the tourist appeal of our community. Their success is measured by how much improvement is shown in lodging tax dollars collected by the town. It is a very pure measure and easy to assess how good a job they are doing. Lodging tax revenues have shown a steady improvement over the last three years.

Bob Hart, the TTC and others, might be forgiven if in the face of unfair attacks such as Ms. Green’s, that they just say why bother, throw in the towel and turn their backs on our community. The community would lose some of its most ardent supporters and we would be the worse for it.

Simon Fuger

This story was posted on January 3, 2013.