Two things

Dear Editor:

Just two things.

First, I’d like to thank Ross Aragon and Darrell Cotton for their many years of service to Pagosa Springs. Their job was not easy. Even when things got hot and their chairs started smoking, they sat tight and stayed the course. Hats off to both of them.

Second, I wanted to encourage everyone to vote for Shari Pierce for Mayor. She is by far the best candidate for the job. I’m bringing this to your attention because she is so quiet and unassuming you may not even know she is running. I drove around on Sunday looking for a sign to indicate that she is seeking this position. Nope, couldn’t find one, even in her front yard. An anti-political statesman, she’s not your typical, backslapping, jolly good fellow, self promoter. She’s obviously relying on her record of community service, friends’ recommendations, and associates who know her and work with her. I’m hoping this works in her favor although it’s not common practice.

Having worked with her for the last several years for our local museum, I know firsthand that she is what Pagosa Springs needs right now. The museum would not be the fine historical record of this area it is if not for her. In fact, we probably wouldn’t even have a museum. As president, she is always well prepared, runs an efficient meeting while encouraging others’ input and participation. She knows how to build consensus by bringing everyone into the decision making process. I’m not one for meetings, yet I always feel my time is well spent and things get accomplished with Shari leading the deliberations.

Shari personifies community spirit, and even more importantly, possesses a deep love for our town and its people. Please do yourself, the town and everyone associated with this area the favor of electing Shari Pierce, Mayor, the best of and for Pagosa Springs. Your vote is important.

Mark Bergon

This story was posted on April 3, 2014.