Dear Editor:

In last week’s SUN, I read that the all volunteer Town Tourism Committee believes it doesn’t get recognized or given credit for its many contributions on behalf of the town and area. That is a shame, because they have done some very good things.

Most recently, the new signs placed around town have been a topic of conversation. The signs for Reservoir Hill may not be useful for navigating the trails, but all of the signs are beautifully done and head and shoulders better than any others ever installed. The same is true for the outstanding new stone welcome and informational signs. Festive and colorful town decorations are also a nice touch. Other positive contributions are too many to list.

The TTC board and committee members do long hours of volunteer work. However, the TTC does not have a monopoly on volunteer work. There is volunteer work done at all levels of society here with many hours freely given. Doing volunteer work in Pagosa Springs does not make you special or necessarily right on any given subject. It should also be noted that The Friends of Reservoir Hill is an all-volunteer group.

Mr. Patel of the TTC echoed a familiar refrain that the TTC has increased our tourism numbers due to their efforts. This is true and they deserve a lot of credit. The TTC would do well to realize that they are not the only entity working for that goal. The SUN’s annual guides, for example, are also head and shoulders above anything ever published for Pagosa Springs. The Chamber of Commerce works for that same goal, along with local websites, other groups and individuals. All deserve part of the credit, not just the TTC.

Anyone knowing our long term history is aware that tourism numbers have trended up and down many times in the past, including before there was a TTC.

Mr. Hart is angry, he says, because the people will not listen to the facts and numbers predicting success for their plan. Mr. Hart does not seem to realize that facts and numbers are meaningless when dealing with an item as important, if not downright sacred, as Reservoir Hill is to the people of Pagosa Springs. From the mayor on down, there should be rejoicing in the hallways of Town Hall because the citizens care this much about a town park.

I agree with Stacy Boone and Jon Johnson; there is a better way to do all of this. Their ideas about the TTC and groups coming together and listening and bonding would have precluded a lot of the problems we have now. Constant aggravation between the TTC and the Chamber, the TTC and the media and the TTC and a substantial portion of area citizens does nothing good for Pagosa Springs. It is a total loss. It is time for introspection at the TTC and on all sides because no one is all right or all wrong.

Norm Vance

This story was posted on March 7, 2013.