Dear Editor:

Dr. Tim Taylor is the incumbent candidate for District 1 school board director. Tim is not a self-promoter or a political performance artist; rather, he’s a “get the job done” kind of guy who likes to find reasonable, practical solutions after careful deliberation. He has aspirations for our schools yet doesn’t have an agenda, and he certainly isn’t beholden to any local special interests.

Consequently, many in our community do not know his extensive background in education and scientific research and why he is by far the most qualified candidate for the District 1 school board position. Since he’s my husband, let me give you some of the inside story. As one example, in the 1990s Tim published three important scientific papers in the highly respected journals Cell, Nature, and Molecular Biology of the Cell. His research contributed in no small way to the body of work for which Dr. Randy Schekman (Cal Berkeley) and Dr. Jim Rothman (Yale) were awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Medicine just two weeks ago. Indeed, both Randy and Jim know Tim’s work well. Tim brings a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning laboratory research, student mentoring and classroom teaching that is remarkable and can only benefit our students by providing a real-life example of how someone can “own their education” and build their own successes through planning, hard work and perseverance.

In Pagosa, Tim’s record of volunteer service in our school district is impressive. Tim co-founded the Foundation for Archuleta County Education (now a tax-exempt non-profit foundation) and serves on the elementary (five years) and middle school (two years) accountability committees in addition to the Colorado Preschool District Council (four years). Clearly he has demonstrated that his motivation is his concern for the kids in our community. More importantly, however, Tim regularly attended school board meetings for three years before being appointed to the board in 2012. In stark contrast, his opponent has attended only a single school board meeting, and only after declaring his candidacy.

Tim is a fiercely independent person who has mostly made his own successes throughout life, including putting himself through college and graduate school, obtaining his own research funding, and establishing an international bioscience consulting company. Hard-working to the core, Tim maintains high standards for himself personally, professionally, and for others yet realizes that everyone faces personal and professional challenges that sometimes require a level of extra consideration and perhaps forgiveness.

Sometimes we have treasures (people) in our midst that we don’t recognize — Tim is one of those treasures. His work ethic and belief in teamwork on the school board and the numerous volunteer committees noted above are unquestioned; these are attributes we need to emulate (not eliminate!) on the school board. Please consider his sincere devotion to public service when casting your ballot for District 1 school board.

Gwen Taylor

This story was posted on October 24, 2013.